The Decline of Intelligent Network News

On the front page of CNN right now is a picture of a member of Rutgers’ female basketball team talking about how Don Imus’ statements have caused them “great hurt”.

It boils down to this – a talk radio host said something on-air that he probably should have kept as a private opinion. People got offended, and of course Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton came flying out of the woodwork to “represent” the people in question and cry racism.

I think this is all just completely ridiculous. Not only was an apology and a two-week suspension for Imus (a man well-known for running his mouth – he does it for a living) not adequate, they want him fired as well.

Whatever happened to “accept an apology and move on”? People need to quit looking for reasons to be Professionally Offended.

Why does this sort of thing have to be FRONT PAGE NEWS lately? This is CNN, not Entertainment Weekly or a gossip tabloid. We don’t need front-page links to articles about who got kicked off American Idol last night, either. Put the entertainment crap in the entertainment section, leave the important news for the front page. The same thing happened with Anna Nicole Smith – a known drug user ODed. End of story.