It’s a day to be productive

Got up this morning, and have done the following:

– Shipped a PC and parts to a friend
– Shipped a digital camera to another friend
– Replaced the burnt-out left headlight on the car
– Finally put the new registration sticker on the car

I’m in the process of cleaning up the “lab” (middle bedroom where a lot of the computer equipment, ham radio gear, and my soldering equipment resides) and will be putting up my new shelves. Once they’re up, I’ll throw out the old plastic shelves.

I’ve already filled one of our curbside trash cans with miscellaneous junk, and will have most of the second one full by tomorrow night.

Once the lab is done, I’ll dissasemble and get rid of the dining room table and finally assemble the BowFlex in its place.

I really wish that “big trash day” came more often than the first Friday of each month, as I’ve got at least a recliner, shelves, and some chairs that I’d love to get rid of this weekend.

Memories of the AT&T Phone Store

This article about “the new AT&T” converting former Cingular stores into “AT&T Experience Stores”, selling all sorts of AT&T wired and wireless products and services.

It reminds of the old days when you could walk into an AT&T (or Southwestern Bell) store in a mall and walk out with a quality, well-constructed telephone. To get a good-quality phone these days, you have to buy something off eBay that’s 15-20 years old.

New Digital Camera

About a year ago, I upgraded from my old Canon A300 to a newer Canon SD550. This was mostly to get higher resolution, and the fact that I hated the rate that the A300 chewed through AA batteries.

A couple of days ago, we went to Houston Camera Exchange, and I ended up coming home with a Canon S3 IS. I had been thinking about picking up a DSLR camera, but in the end I got a high-end point-and-shoot that has a good glass lens and nice optical zoom.

I’m really happy with it so far, and solved the “eats AA batteries” problem by buying two sets of NICd rechargeables and a charger.

You can see some of the initial test shots I took here.