RIP my Steelcase LEAP chair

Two parts fell out of the bottom of my Steelcase LEAP chair last night.

Upon further investigation, they appear to be most of the “Seat Edge Height” adjustment (fortunately, not an adjustment I use often) and the failure looks to be from a bad or weak weld.

I’m waiting to hear back from the company that the chair was bought from, but if they can’t fix it cheaply I may end up buying a complete new chair in a month or two.

Update: Apparently the main Steelcase reseller here in Houston would rather sell me a new chair than give any serious thought to repairing my existing one.

Second Update (Aug. 2007): The rep at the main Steelcase reseller in Houston apparently went on vacation, and then never bothered to respond to any of my emails. It’s obvious that they’re more concerned with corporate sales than small business or individuals.

3 thoughts on “RIP my Steelcase LEAP chair

  1. I am in the market for a ergonomic office chair and was wondering if your issue with the LEAP chair was resolved favorably. Would you recommened the LEAP chair? I am also looking at the Aeron and Mirra. I love Herman Miller furniture (especially the Eames collection) but the Steelcase seems to be a better chair. . . do you agree? Thanks for your time. I appreciate it. Phil.

  2. I’d highly recommend the Steelcase LEAP chair over anything else –
    despite the non-response I’ve gotten from the local dealer, this chair
    *is* seven years old.

    I’ve sat in the Herman Miller stuff, but nothing else was as comfortable
    as the LEAP in my opinion. When I end up buying a new chair (since the
    local dealer doesn’t even want to give me a price quote on a new one),
    I’ll just buy another LEAP directly from the Steelcase web site.

  3. I’m purchasing a Leap from a dealer. Every quote I’ve received is between $590-$640. Purchasing from the SC website yields $799. They do have 10-year warranties on most of the hardware… are you sure it’s not covered?

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