The MacBook Returns

… with a bonus.

I sent it off to get a dead hard drive and a discolored top-half fixed.

It came back with a new hard drive (OSX 10.4 preloaded of course), new top-half (still with the protective plastic cover on it), and a couple of other minor recall issues fixed.

However, I sent the machine off with a single 512M SODIMM installed.
It came back with that 512M SODIMM *and* a 256M SODIMM installed.

Would be a nice free bonus, if I didn’t already have two 1G SODIMMs here waiting on it – I just put the “official Apple” 512M SODIMM in it when I sent it in for service, as Apple gets really picky about third-party memory and my 1G SODIMMs are Crucial-brand.

3 thoughts on “The MacBook Returns

  1. If you’ve got an extra 512 stick of PC2-5300 memory laying around, I’ve got a hungry iMac that sure would love some more memory :).


  2. Re: Third Party RAM in Macs, I don’t see why Apple have a case to get stressed about using Crucial RAM – it’s retail badged Micron RAM (Crucial is Micron’s retail division) and a good half of Apple’s OEM RAM is made in the USA by MICRON, and has been for a long time.

    I guess it’s like putting a non-genuine OEM filter on your car though – both you and the car maker know it’s the right thing but they haven’t put their badge on it so they get stressed.

  3. Mando, I’ve got to keep the gen-u-ine Apple 512M stick in case I have to send either of my systems in for service again. You can have the 256 stick if you want, though.

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