It’s Just Not My Day

Went to CompUSA tonight and bought another gig of RAM for the MacBook, intending to upgrade it to a max of 2G (I currently have 1.5G in it).

Got home, installed the RAM, powered up the system – OSX sees all 2G. Great! Then I powered down, put the memory slot cover back on, put the battery back in, and fired everything back up.



The 60G drive crashed, hard. I needed to take the system in for AppleCare service to get the discolored top plastics replaced, but I wanted to be able to do it on MY schedule and not because other parts of the system had failed as well.

The MacBook has worked fine as my main system for the past week, I wish it hadn’t chosen tonight to kill itself.

update: Instead of dealing with the Galleria Apple Store again, I just called AppleCare and they’re going to send me a postage-paid box to send the system in to them via DHL for repairs. I should have the box tomorrow, and the system will hopefully be back within a week with new top plastics and a new hard drive.