Thoughts on my hospital stay

In short: A sinus infection went bad and triggered some of the worst asthma attacks I’ve ever had. I went from “sniffles” to “barely able to move and hooked up to an EKG” in about 12 hours. I was in the ICU from Sunday the 13th until Wednesday the 17th, and then was in a regular room until they discharged me on Friday the 19th. I’ve been recuperating from home since then.

Everyone that I encountered at St. Luke’s hospital here in Houston was absolutely amazing. The staff there is just wonderful.

What I liked best about my stay: the hospital food. Some people might knock it, but it was consistently good, I’d even say its better than what they serve in the cafeteria at the office where I work. Eating three solid proper meals a day was a new thing for me; I don’t normally eat a full breakfast.

What I liked least about my stay: The Foley catheter they put in while I was in the ICU. It was necessary because they had me on nothing but IV fluids for three days.

I’m glad to be home, and glad to be slowly getting my energy back. If my upward trend continues, I’ll be going back to work on Monday.

Having to do a twice-a-day breathing treatment and being on two different asthma medications sucks, but it beats being dead.

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  1. Oh come on now…. who wouldn’t want a small tube shoved into precarious parts of their nethers?? Heh… Just kidding, Bill. Glad you’re feeling better, and wishing you a speedy full recovery.

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