The art of removing hair with a sharp object

I ordered one of these as a present to myself. I’ve never used an old-fashioned safety razor before, so it should be interesting assuming that I don’t completely slice myself to bits.

One thought on “The art of removing hair with a sharp object

  1. Bill, good call on picked up a DE razor.

    I started using one of those same Merkur “HD” razors last year, and I find that shaving has gone from being a chore (and often a painful, bloody one, at that) to a kind of pleasure now. It takes a few more minutes, but it’s oddly satisfying.

    Also fun is sorting through all the jibber-jabber about technique and supplies, an ideal new avenue for a geek’s toy fetish. :7) For Christmas this year my favorite present was the brush commissioned by the Shave My Face web site, hand-made in England with high-grade badger hair. Oh, it gets hold of you quickly!

    There’s two main sites for the community, such as it is: Badger And Blade and Shave My Face ( I subscribe to the forums on the latter site, though many men frequent both. Lots of really interesting people there, and talk sometimes even concerns shaving.

    This morning my four-year old burst into the bathroom with an attitude on him, but when I ignored him and went on with my shave, he fell silent and just *sat* and watched me shave: Mwa-ha-HA!

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