FCC drops Morse requirement for amateur radio licenses

I achieved a long-time goal and got my amateur radio license (originally KD5LQR, now K5WCB) in September of 2000. One of my eventual goals was to pass the 5WPM Morse Code test and upgrade to a Technician Plus, and eventually General-class license.

The FCC has finally announced, after much debate, that it is now eliminating the Morse Code requirement for any amateur radio license in the United States.

I wish I’d gotten off my ass and studied harder and taken/passed the test before they did this. I also wish they’d at least kept a Morse requirement for the Amateur Extra license class.

At least now I only have to take a written test to upgrade to General.

One thought on “FCC drops Morse requirement for amateur radio licenses

  1. Well Bill, if you hurry you should still be able to find some VE’s willing to administer the 5 wpm code test before the effective “no-code” date arrives. What have you been doing the past 6 years that precluded you from achieving your goal?

    73 de Bob – K0RC in MN

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