Surrealism at the McDonald’s Drive-Thru

Last night, we were up late and decided to go through a local McDonalds for some breakfast on our way home.

As we pulled into the drive-thru, a guy in a black Impala was giving his order, with a lady in a tan Honda or Toyota behind him. The first car finished their order, and the lady in the tan car pulled up to the speaker.

We then watched and heard this:

Speaker: “Welcome to McDonalds, can I take your order?”
Lady: (highly agitated) “You know WHAT? That guy in front of me was driving as slow as possible. I’ve been waiting in line forever, burning gas money, after I drove all the way out here. Are you still serving lunch?”
Speaker: “No ma’am, I’ll be happy to take your breakfast order.”
Lady: “YOUVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! My clock says 4:17 and breakfast doesn’t start till 4:30”
Speaker: “Ma’am, your clock is wrong, our clock here says 4:48.”
Lady: “No, my clock is right! It’s not time to serve breakfast yet.”
Speaker: “Ma’am, I’ll be happy to take your breakfast order right now, we’re not serving lunch at this time.”
Lady: “THIS IS RIDICULOUS! I drove all the way out here, waited in line, and now you’re not serving
lunch, and Jack-In-The-Box is closed.”
Speaker: “We’ll be happy to take your breakfast order.”
Lady: “Are you going to pay for my gas money too, that I burned coming out here?”
Speaker: “No Ma’am, we don’t do that.”
Lady: “This is such a crock of shit.”

She angrily drove off, while Amy and I sat there gaping at her.

What kind of person argues with McDonalds about their breakfast hours, and complains about having to drive “all the way” to one? There’s more than a hundred and fifty McDonalds locations in the Houston area; four of those were within a two mile radius of this store. It’s not like they’re going to suddenly start making the lunch menu because someone’s clock is set differently.

The ironic thing? A Jack-In-The-Box exactly two miles down the road is open 24 hours, and they serve all of their menu all the time.

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  1. Ok, joke’s over, please send the clown home.

    The new slogan in TX should be: “Don’t mess with TX, or we’ll elect another idiot president!”

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