I’ve long been a fan of zombie books. I’ve read all four of David Wellington‘s “Monster” novels, as well as the four “Infected” novels by David Moody along with anything else I can get my hands on.

Based on a recommendation, I recently picked up “World War Z” by Max Brooks (son of Mel).

Hands down, this is one of the best “zombie” books I’ve ever read. I can’t put it down (I’ll finish it tonight, for sure) and am looking forward to the movie version coming out in 2008.

2 thoughts on “Braaaaaiiinnnsssss!

  1. Try “Bad Magic” by Stephan Zielinski – it’s got a lot of Zombies too…

  2. Domy Books is having free Zombie movies every Thursday in October. I think that “Shaun Of The Dead” is the only one left, though.

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