Priorities, Priorities

News 8 Austin is definitely showing where their priorities lay today.

As much as I dislike sappy “NEVAR FORGET” stories, they chose to completely ignore what happened five years ago, and talk about FOOTBALL instead!

2 thoughts on “Priorities, Priorities

  1. i dunno i would rather talk about footbal than spend more time on those filthy sub human arabs anymore. Everyone knows what the real solution to the terror problem is but no one will admit it.

    The complete and total slaughter of every arab man, woman, and child. These people exist solely to kill and terrorize others. Their lives are worth nothing and they strive to bring their terror and destruction to America.

    They should erect two giant gas chambers on the WTC spot and allow the public to witness the cleansing of American soil of this sickening garbage of a people.

  2. Wow, Rick – you’re either a troll, or too jingoistic and ignorant for words.

    You really think that EVERY Arab (Muslim or non) person is out to destroy the US?

    They have religious extremists just like we do (Jim Jones, David Koresh, etc). Unfortunately, that brand of extremism is “kill all the non-extremist-Muslims”.

    I don’t blame the many for the acts of a few.

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