7 thoughts on “Boy am I glad I have a sane wife at home

  1. I wouldn’t mind her high self-opinion so much if it didn’t come in such a patronizing fashion.

  2. She’s a Libertarian — which means she’s absolutely insane and/or a perfect match for another Libertarian.

  3. Since when did having a wife indicate sanity? The whole notion of marriage is obscene.

    Btw, if that bitch on the blog thinks she is attractive she has been hanging out at Star Trek conventions too long.

  4. I’m profoundly fortunate to know some women who are NOT like this. And people wonder why guys talk women down all the time…

  5. Well, her face is so-so. The body looks nice. And what is wrong with being a Libertarian? We are the most rational people you will ever meet.

    Insanity is caused by excess estrogen where excess = anything more then a man has in his body. (Wow! Cannot wait for when I run for president and this post comes to the attention of CNN). So all women = crazy (from the mans point of view). However, some are more nuts then others. My wife is nuts, but it is a nuts that I have measured, categorized and understand now. Make things much easier.

  6. i’m not touching the title to your post with a ten foot pole. 😀

  7. I guess for tastes there are colours, but I think she looks like a transgender version of Rudolph Giuliani:


    Ugh! She does not represent what’s wrong with women, but rather what is wrong with men IMHO. There seem to be scores of losers out there with the personality of an artichoke all over the internet.

    I have encountered a few sane libertarians. Some of the more hardcore libertarians that I have met, however, seemed to have undiagnosed either clear social handicaps or some fuorm of human-to-human interaction disfunction. However, they seem to be making far more sense nowadays than a lot of the GOP followers I know, and I give them props for that!

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