Enterprise Square USA

In a discussion about “The worst tourist attraction you’ve ever been to”, a couple of Oklahoma City places came up.

Everyone agreed that The Omniplex rocked (and still does).

However, a few of us remembered some sort of economics-related place somewhere in OKC. After much Googling, I found it – Enterprise Square USA was located on the campus of OCU in Edmond.

“One of the most darkly appealing aspects of Enterprise Square was that it was slowly falling apart. It was built in 1982 for $15 million, and little appears to had been done to upgrade it. Color schemes and display designs dated from the tail-end of the disco era; the internal power systems were less reliable; a cheerful skeleton crew kept the place running.”

Tom Tomorrow called it “a rundown homage to the glories of capitalism which, perversely, has almost nothing for sale in its gift shop”.

I don’t think I could have described it better myself. In the mid-to-late 80s it seemed cool when I was in junior high, but looking back now (and seeing pictures) it appears incredibly lame… but cool in an incredibly lame capitalistic way.

Enterprise Square USA finally closed down for good in 2002.

Fun with Images

I’ve been playing around with Autotrace, a program for converting bitmapped graphics into vector graphics. It’s really good for cleaning up scanned logos, drawings, and things like that.

I tried it out on the Symbolics logo.

The original:

The result:

Not bad… Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that well.
I also tried the IBM logo:

The original:

The result:

Ouch! It’s a nice “watercolor” effect though.