A thought on the Houston bum situation

It’s time to shave my head again.

I must have a look that screams “HARMLESS FRIENDLY FAT GUY” because I’ve been hit up no less than six times in the past month by people wanting money, donations, a ride, “gas money”, etc. This happens at Walgreens, CVS, the Chevron gas station on the corner, and even WHILE I’M WAITING IN THE DRIVE-THRU AT MCDONALDS.

Unfortunately, I was raised to be polite and just don’t have it in me to say “NO, GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY VEHICLE”, instead it’s “I’m sorry, I don’t have any money” or “I’m sorry, I don’t carry cash”.

I never got hit up by a pandhandler or bum when I had my head shaved.

3 thoughts on “A thought on the Houston bum situation

  1. Don’t count on it. On the way to Oshkosh on Saturday, I got accosted by the old ‘we just need enough money for gas to get home’ scam. Of course they were driving a Dodge Ram pickup that was probably worth more than my car and my wife’s car put together.

  2. oh pshaw. you’ll just be the harmless fat guy who’s trying to stay cool for the summer.


  3. Too funny. I am 34 but if I shave my goatee off I look about 20. The goatee makes me look a bit on evil side and a with a mean look I have no issues. I tried the head shaved thing once – but I had about 300+ stitches at one point and the scar it left, well lets just say I look down right evil. Yoru picture on the site shows you look like a nice guy….thats your problem.

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