Testing out a new weblog posting client

I’m testing out Qumana, a new weblog client for OSX and Windows.  It’s a Universal Binary, so I can use it natively on the Intel-based Mac at home.

So far, my main comment is "takes way too long to start up", compared to MarsEdit (on the 1.25Ghz G4) or even Ecto under Rosetta emulation on the Core Duo iMac at home.

It has a good user interface so far, so we’ll see how things go.

One thought on “Testing out a new weblog posting client

  1. Is your copy a native app? The one I got was a java application, which probably explains why it takes so long to start.

    I’ve been using Flock to post for a while now, and the weblog client is quite nice. But MAN does it leak memory like a sieve. I left it running at work over the weekend and Monday morning my poor machine was on its deathbed from lack of resources.

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