Windows Vista Beta2 out today..

When I saw the Windows Vista Home Page, this is the first thing I thought of..

Update: I never thought that an OS could bring a 64-bit system with 2G of RAM and 256M of video memory to a crawl.

This looks like Microsoft hired people from the Enlightenment team to design their user interface but fed them a hefty dose of LSD first.

Edit: Here’s my system specs, if you’re wondering:
– Asus A8N motherboard with AMD Athlon64 3200+
– 2G Kingston PC3200 RAM (4x512M)
– nVidia GeForce 6200 AGP video card (256M onboard)
– Hitachi 80G SATA hard drive, Lite-On DVD burner/CDRW
– PC Power & Cooling power supply, good steel case, etc

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