Fired up the T1000 tonight

and boy, is it LOUD. Not just loud, but uncomfortably loud.

My wife is still asleep in bed, so I shut it down before the extended POST finished – so I don’t have any idea yet if it quiets down after boot (like a SB1K does).

I’m going to have to setup a stand for it in my closet and run power and ethernet under the door, it looks like. Leaving it on my desk in the “lab” is right out at this point. They should include earplugs in the country kit (which they forgot with my system – but that just means a power cord, and I’ve got plenty of those around).

3 thoughts on “Fired up the T1000 tonight

  1. Yups,

    I have a T1000 @ home aswell, and indeed it’s very loud! And no, after booting it doesn’t get quieter like the v20z does…

    Goog luck with it and be interested in your progress!

  2. I’ve got a pile of Niagra/Galaxy servers, and they are among the loudest servers I’ve touched. On the up side, they tend to run a lot cooler than the quieter servers in my server room. I’m happy to say, after spending a ton of money on Sonex foam to treat the server room itself, I barely notice the dull roar that creeps out into my office some 25 feet away.

  3. Micah,

    Unfortunately the “computer room”/lab is also the room where the cats’ litter box is, so I have to leave the door open. I may try my redneck “sound enclosure” solution tonight to see how it works, after installing new shelves in the lab over the weekend to unclutter the room.

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