Being Sick Sucks.

Here’s a timeline:

Friday, April 7th: Coworker was out sick.

Monday, April 10th: Coworker back at work, is fine.

Tuesday, April 11th: A different coworker was out sick.

Wednesday, April 12th: I wake up with massive sinus problems and a sore throat. By the end of the day, I go to the doctor and get a prescription for ZMax, a one-dose-of-2-grams antibiotic.

Thursday, April 13th: Sinus drainage has turned into pneumonia. I spend the entire day in bed, hardly able to breathe, with a fever.

Friday, April 14th: Amy comes down with it too. We take her to the doctor, where she gets a prescription for a ZPac antibiotic, a decongestant, and Vicodin.

Saturday, April 15th: I feel a little better (fever finally broke). Amy’s lost her voice, and can’t sleep. We spend most of the day trying to sleep.

Sunday, April 16th: I’m better than I was on Thursday, will probably try to go back to work tomorrow. Amy still has no voice and is still congested.


Monday, April 17th: Still sick, worked from home today. Amy’s very slowly getting her voice back. Will try to go to the office tomorrow.

One thought on “Being Sick Sucks.

  1. Mr. Bill,

    I have no idea how to reach you other than through this blog.

    I am trying to obtain assembly instructions for the infamous JERKER desk. The one’s posted on your blog contain some error, and won’t open. Is there a way you can scan another copy or otherwise provide me some. It would be most appreciated.


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