4 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. In my case I tried it and it worked well. I have never gone back to having an unshaved head. People who have seen photos of me with hair think the shaved look is much better. Sometimes I get a little lazy and don’t shave for a few days but it is not a problem to redo it. I use the Mach 3 which is very smooth and painless.
    In your case, it looks fine and I would “go for it”! You will feel cooler (and look cooler, too).

  2. Do it! It’s the Bill Clementson look 🙂 When I lived in TX, I would routinely crop my hair very close (a #1 or #2 attachment on the clippers). I didn’t shave all thhe way because I was too lazy to get out the razor. Being in CO now, I don’t need the ventilation nearly as much.

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