3 thoughts on “Dave Winer is an Asshole

  1. Someday, people will learn to stop working with/for/near Winer; until then, these stories will continue.

  2. We need to ralley to Rogers’ defense and request that Dave back down on this legal attack on Rogers. Free Rogers Cadenhead. It would be nice to see Wired investigate this whole sequence of events.

    A bright spotlight on Winer’s friendships and business dealings would make interesting reading… There are lessons for the misuse of blogging power in the story.

    Rogers is attempting to use the power of blogging to shine a postlight on a malicious use of the legal system to redress a private injury over the RSS spec’s and dave is mis-using the power of blogging to claim that he’s being unfairly maligned over a business deal that went south.

    Is there a Dave Winer business deal that ever went north… Meaning that more than one party benefitted from the association? Kosso? Adam Curry? Maybe Scoble owes Dave something.

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