Religious publications followup

As a followup to this post, so far I’ve received an English translation of the Qu’ran and a copy of the Book of Mormon.

I’m still tempted to go down to the Church of Scientology on Fondren and see if I can get them to give me a copy of Dianetics.

Pointers to any other systems of belief offering their “core materials” for free will be greatly appreciated, as I enjoy reading about the differences and similarities between them.

6 thoughts on “Religious publications followup

  1. Apparently the qu’ran is an instructional book that teaches a subhuman race of people how to cut peoples heads off, mistreat everything they come across, and blow themselves and everything else to kingdom come.

    If we really wanted to win the war on terror we would stop sending our young soldiers to die for this worthless race and just eradicate them off the planet.

  2. If you do visit the Scientologists, say “Hi” to Patrick for me. He’s probably out front protesting them. 😉

  3. i’ve been to a few scientology buildings around here. they’ll gladly give you a copy of dianetics for free. (and you give you a free personality test too.) it’s a small price to pay for the money they’ll get from you later if you join. 🙂

    i’ve never had to buy religious propaganda, er publications. maybe some unscrupulous members try to make a little pocket change while spreading the word.

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