The Sisters of Mercy are playing in Austin at La Zona Rosa on the 21st of February.

My one chance to see the Sisters (er, basically, Andrew E. and whoever he drags along with him this time) play live might just be worth $30/person and a trip back to Austin.

update: Amy got home, I told her about it, and she said “Order tickets RIGHT NOW!”. We should have them in our hands by Tuesday evening (I opted for FedEx Overnight delivery).

3 thoughts on “whimper.

  1. concerts are way important. you gotta go when you can. cosmos paid just under $1000 for us to see eric clapton at the hollywood bowl for my birthday (2004) and i’ll never forget it as long as i live. $30 and a road trip?! that’s nothin’. 😛

  2. Well, $120 (there’s three of us; Amy, me, and a friend), a road trip, plus food, plus whatever we buy at the concert (if they have shirts/stickers/etc). Still, it’s worth it – I’ve been a Sisters fan since 1993 when I “discovered” them in my first year of college.

  3. well, enjoy!! it sounds fun. i used to drive up to all the little towns in the bay area (that have become huge thanks to the dotcom boom)for concerts all the time. road trips with something fun to do at the end are great!!

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