SuperBowl ™ commercials

Google Video has put all the 2006 Super Bowl ™ commercials online.

Is it just me, or are none of them particularly funny or innovative this year? GoDaddy makes a big deal about how they made 14 commercials before one was accepted for the Super Bowl ™, but did anyone ever think that maybe their ads just *sucked*?

Myself, I napped through the Big Game, and then did some house cleaning.

2 thoughts on “SuperBowl ™ commercials

  1. Wow, GoDaddy has figured out you can use women’s boobs to sell almost anything. But domain name registration service? For some reason I can see using women’s boobs to sell beer, but I just can’t wrap myself around using boobs to sell domain name registration service. To tell you the truth, I’d like to think the people at my domain name registrar are thinking about technical stuff, not women’s tits. Maybe that’s just me.

    Besides, the women at work are all worked up about GoDaddy. If we kept using them, we would seriously not hear the end of it. Gotta leave you daddy. Bye.

  2. OH MY GOD! GoDaddy has figured out that you can sell anything if you use women’s boobs! I am blows away with their incredible grasp of the nuances of their customer base.

    GoDaddy has managed to insult everyone but the mouth breathing moron who is signing up for that sexy GoDaddy girl service right this minute.

    Congrats to GoDaddy and Bob Parsons. Someday when you have a daughter or wife or any woman that you care about, you’ll think twice about how you used women’s bodies to sell your stuff. By then it will be too late and the blood of those women in sexual slavery will be on your hands.

    Women are people too, you know. Some of them like football, some of them manage hundreds of domain names. Some of them are mad as hell at you right now since you seem to think that women exist to titillatee old geezer men in commericals for fun. Yeah,, I know, we’re all supposed to “lighten up” and acce[t the fact that you want to drag us into your cesspool of sleez where the only role for women is as a titty model.

    Nope, not going there. You have rut around in your mudpile of sleez all by yourself. Too bad, you could have been so much more.

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