Farewell, iMac G5

The iMac G5 (17″, 1.8Ghz, SuperDrive/wireless/etc) that I bought in October of 2004 is being wiped and reinstalled tonight, in preparation for its travels to its new home with a friend of mine.

This machine served me well, running 24/7/365 (except for January 2005, when I was living in a hotel and using the iBook G4 as my primary machine) for a year and a half. I consider it a rock-solid machine, save for the midplane replacement in March 2005 (caused by bad capacitors) and a power supply replacement in November.

I’m pretty happy with my 20″ iMac Core Duo so far. Apple has done a great job with the PPC emulation (“Rosetta”) in the new machines, and I can only hear the fans on the new system when everything else in the room is turned off. My Pentium M-based work laptop is louder than the iMac, even.