No more Best Buy rebates?

“Best Buy said today that it has begun the next phase of its two-year plan to eliminate mail-in rebates from its portfolio. First, at the start of the year, customers began receiving their savings instantly on notebook computers, rather than waiting for these rebates via mail. Second, the company has introduced a convenient online rebate submission process that enables customers to submit select Best Buy rebates online, through Both of these initiatives mark a significant step forward in improving the overall shopping experience for Best Buy customers.”

Why not just lower prices to begin with, rather than have the “rebate” thing at all? All “rebates” do is let the company collect interest on the rebate amount between when you buy an item and when you get your money back weeks or months later..

2 thoughts on “No more Best Buy rebates?

  1. It’s not only about gaining interest, but also about collecting your personal information so that they can “tailor” their spam^Wadvertising.


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