9 thoughts on “Hotlinkers DIe!

  1. While I appreciate that you don’t like hotlinking, don’t you think that that image is a little strong?

    And why do you even want to keep that awful image stored on your server anyway?

    karma– for mrbill, IMO.

  2. As you probably know, I’ve dealt with hotlinkers by redirecting them to http://xcski.com/~ptomblin/leech.png
    which is nicely offensive, screws up their web site when the image they are leeching is a background, and also quite small.

    But when I discussed this in my blog, somebody put in the comments a remark about redirecting to t*bg*rl, and now I see hits on my images from people searching google for that image.

  3. Wez, if people decide to steal my bandwidth by hotlinking large desktop background images, they deserve what they get.

    I could have put something even worse up, but chose not to.

  4. I usually just redirect to the original goatse.cx or t*bgirl. Screws everything up enough, doesn’t hit on my bandwidth (even if I don’t have to care about that), and doesn’t rob the original “artists” of their hits.


  5. It seems rather counterproductive to punish hotlinkers, who were probably linking to a small file, to a 128kB image.

  6. Rone, its all about the concept. 😎 I’m not *that* concerned about the bandwidth.

    Besides, once they see what their fancy background has become, they quickly change it, eliminating any further bandwidth usage.

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