This afternoon, we signed papers and completed the sale of our Austin home to my employer as part of my relocation package. There is now nothing tying us to Austin except memories and friends that still live there.

I hoped to have the house sold months ago, but the contractor we hired flaked out on us and was unreliable and undependable. The work took about six months longer than he originally estimated, and I had to hire a friend to finish the kitchen cabinet work despite having paid the first guy to do it.

I enjoyed living in Austin from 1996 to 2005. It’s a nice town. I won’t miss it or the “technology rat race” though. People in Houston are SO MUCH nicer and friendlier, and I’ve yet to see the massive pollution and horrible traffic that everyone seems to associate with living here.

2 thoughts on “ITS DONE.

  1. Well, we’re glad to see it gone too. 🙂 Spent a few long nights installing counters and fixing the previous contractor’s screw-ups. We’re glad to see it finally went through, and also that we won’t have to meet any more realtors or inspectors. 🙂

  2. Houston gets a bad rap. Once you’re off the freeways it’s a wonderful city. it’s a little humid in the summer (okay, a lot humid) but I have never noticed that bad of a pollution problem and the traffic actually MOVES unlike Austin.

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