4 thoughts on “Speaking of profit centers..

  1. Ever notice that Christianity, Islam and Mormonism have been around for thousands of years, collectively?

    Scientology has been around for only 50 years, despite false attacks and media blitzing. Scientology is a non-profit entity under US tax code. They sell books only as a means to remain present in a society that is pouring money towards illegitimate purposes and poor solutions.

    Why don’t you try carrying forward an altruistic or philanthropic message without raising money sometime.

    Hell, I’ll give you a free book if that’s what you’re after. Or just go download it on Itunes.

  2. Charlie,

    Are you telling me that Scientology has to sell copies of “Dianetics” to fund its operations, despite the (rumored) hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of dollars it receives from auditing sessions, training courses, and donations from both normal people and celebrities?

    I just find that a bit hard to believe. If I’m wrong, by all means feel free to correct me.

  3. My father was a Baptist minister in some very small churches when I was growing up. They had very little money coming in to support the church and he didn’t get paid for months at a time, but anyone that asked, anyone, would get a bible. I’m pretty sure my father’s churches were bringing in fractions of a percent of what the $cientologists bring in and we had no problem giving away a $5 bible if it helped to spread the word. If $cientology is so great you’d think they’d try to give them away too. Any religion that charges you to advance your knowledge is bullshit. Religion shouldn’t have a ‘cover charge’. I guess it keeps people from getting too upset after they’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn the ‘truth’ about Xenu. Spend that kind of cash and you aren’t going to admit how badly you were duped.

    `Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wanted to make a million dollars, the best way to do it would be start his own religion.’ – L. Ron Hubbard

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