Being a Better Photographer?

I’m looking for suggestions on how to be a better photographer. For the longest time, I’ve just used the “take lots of pictures, pick out the few decent ones” method, which is easy with a digital camera and a big enough memory card. However, I want to start learning how to take better pictures from the start, and not just depend on the “Automatic” settings on my camera (a Canon Powershot A300).

The Basic Book of Photography seems to be good; anyone else have recommendations?

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  1. Check out Check out the critique sections to get an idea of what makes a good photo. I took a couple classes in college which really helped me. I think in my case that digital cameras made me a worse photographer. Some of my best work was done with a cheap, all manual Minolta SLR. I think knowing that getting a pic costs nothing means you don’t spend the time to compose a good shot. At least in my case. When you know that you’re going to spend time and money getting film developed you try to make sure you get it right. Of course, the last couple pics I’ve had published were done with a digital so I guess that’s not a totally good reason.

    I’ve got a few books around here I’m not using/haven’t opened in years. They’re aimed more at film photgraphy but are good for the basics. They’re yours if you want ’em. Send me your mailing address.

  2. olympus has a lot of tutorials online too. i don’t have the url but you can do a quick search.

    have you thought about taking a class?

  3. Classes don’t have to take that long. There’s a photography school near me, for instance, whose normal class is three evenings spread over a month, but they’ll compress it into one day of one-on-one tuition if I want. It’s considerably more expensive that way, but still affordable.

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