Book Review: Princess of Wands, by John Ringo

I’ve been a John Ringo fan since I picked up “A Hymn Before Battle” a couple of years ago, and have voraciously read everything he’s put out since then.

I’d sort of burned out on the Aldenata series, and had been really enjoying his Council Wars titles. I picked up “Ghost” last year when it came out. There were a couple parts of it that I didn’t really care for, but it was an okay book, and worth the cover price.

Today, “The Princess of Wands” arrived. I had ordered it just because it was a Ringo book, and wasn’t even aware that he was starting another universe/storyline. If someone had told me the premise of the book (beyond the jacket blurb), I wouldn’t have bought it – but after reading it in one sitting, I can now say that it’s my *favorite* John Ringo book so far.

Imagine a soccer mom secret agent, expert martial artist, tactical shooter, who also uses a katana and smites evil in the name of God, while being accepting of other religions and not being a Bible-thumper.

It’s a crazy premise – but I love it so far. Can’t wait for the next book!