Massive Bandwidth Upgrade

For the past year, I’d had SBC’s standard 3 megabit / 512 kilobit DSL service here in Houston. However, I don’t want to play the “commit to another one year contract to get the same price” games that would be coming up on renewal at the end of January, so I called Time Warner a few days ago and had RoadRunner cablemodem service installed today.

I opted for the 8 megabit / 512 kilobit “Premium” service. It’s $45/month for the first six months, and $75/month after that (fortunately, work reimburses costs for my home Internet connection since I need it for VPN to fix things when I’m on-call). The installer showed up around 5pm, and in contrast to the first guy was competent, polite, friendly, and did really good work resulting in a nice clean install.

So far in doing some download tests, I peak at around 700-750K/sec down. That’s over twice the download speed I had previously, and latency to my colocated server is only around 50ms.

So far, I’m happy. We’ll see how things go and how stable the connection is in the long run.

Update: I spoke too soon. Five minutes after I posted this, the cablemodem lost sync for almost an hour. Hopefully it was just an equipment problem on TW’s end, or maintenance.

Update 2: I can now make the connection drop and lose sync at will by downloading faster than 512kbps/sec. After some research it looks like this older Toshiba PCX110U cablemodem (only DOCSIS 1.0) is known for having problems with high-bandwidth connections. Hopefully a TW office is open on Monday and I can go swap it out for something newer.

Update 3: Finally spoke to someone at TW support, he said they shouldn’t have given me the Toshiba modem and that I just need to go tomorrow and swap it out for an Ambit and things should be fine.