Upgrade Fever

Got tired of waiting for Sveasoft to release an updated Talisman firmware that fixes the bugs I’d run into, so I switched my WRT54G to the DD-WRT firmware last night. Everything went without a problem, the newest DD-WRT firmware is faster, and has more features. I’ll send them $25 in a week or two if it stays stable.

Along with the router firmware, I upgraded this weblog and SunHELP to WordPress 2.0. Those installs went smoothly as well, and all of the plugins I’m using are 2.0 compatible. The new object cache backend plus the wp-cache plugin that I was already using, makes both sites even faster.

2 thoughts on “Upgrade Fever

  1. I went the OpenWrt route and I’ve been pleased with that.

    Still, it would be interesting to give this a spin. I’ve been thinking it might be nice to have a second WRT for backup and testing.

  2. Yeah I’ve gone the DD-WRT route as well and haven’t looked back. I’m running a v4 WRT54G, FWIW. I still prefer my WRAP and m0n0wall/pfSense, but it’s hard to directly compare that setup with the WRT54G since it’s 3X the price…

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