The First Day of my Vacation

To make a long story short: traded in Amy’s 2000 Ford Explorer Sport, drove home from the dealership in a 2005 Mitsubishi Galant (dark grey, 24K miles). Yay, the car problems are over. I’ve still got my Kia Sportage, too.

I didn’t expect to have to spend more than two hours getting our new photo printer (HP Photosmart 7450) working with my Windows system, though. The default HP install copies SIX HUNDRED MEGABYTES of drivers and software to the hard drive. I’m *so* tempted to just run it under OSX on the Mac using Gimp-Print and the Deskjet 900 driver.

5 thoughts on “The First Day of my Vacation

  1. Congrats on the new car. That’s hella high mileage on it though. You must have gotten a great deal. 😉

    My friend has been looking for a 2005 LE model of that car and can’t seem to find many used. He found one with 7400 miles and it was snapped up really fast.

  2. Actually, those miles aren’t super high. If it was an early 2005 it’d have been bought around, say, August of last year or so. That means now it’d be getting close to a year and a 1/2 old. Yeah, it’s a bit higher than normal but not outrageously so.
    This is why I tell friends to never buy a new car early in it’s model year. It’ll look like the milage is high even though it really isn’t too far out of line with the actual age of the car. Used cars are always the way to go. Let someone else take that depreciation hit.

  3. i bought my 1986 celica mid-1989 and it had 39k on it. besides being the model i wanted the final selling point on that particular car was the low mileage. i think 24k is a little high (even if it might be a year and half old) and i live in los angeles where everything is spread out and it’s the norm for people to take weekend trips to the mountains, desert, etc. hopefully the person who owned it previously didn’t beat the heck out of it with that 24k. i’m figuring it came with a pretty good guarantee so no worries.

    but more to the point, congrats on your new car bill! new stuff is fun. we’re planning on getting a new weekend car next year! 😀

  4. Yeah, the car has a lot of the original factory warranty left, and we have an extended warranty on top of that covering it up to 90K miles I think. If something’s going to break, it will break long before then. 😎

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