Adventures with Time Warner Cable

The installer from Time Warner Cable (Houston) showed up this morning to install our cable connection and DVR. I really wasn’t too impressed with him, although he got the job done.

– Called me 15 minutes before the appointment time to ask what the street name was (it was printed on the work order).
– Cut one of the coax lines going into my DirecTiVo (we’ll have both DTV and cable) within five minutes of showing up, although he patched it back together after I let him know.
– Ran a 3′ length of cable with a female coax connector on the end out of the jack plate, instead of installing a normal jack
– Asked me the street name (again) while on the phone to activate the service, with the work order sitting in front of him
– Asked to borrow my ladder so he wouldn’t have to go get his out of his truck

I’m glad that I told him “Just plug it in and make sure it works, I’ll re-arrange all the cables later today” when he arrived, and already had an AV cable plugged into the back of the TV so he wasn’t able to mess with that.