New work laptop

After a delay of 2-3 months, I was finally allowed to order a new work laptop to replace my four-year-old Thinkpad A20p (P3-733).

I ended up getting our “standard configuration” – a HP Compaq nc6220 with extra memory. Pentium-M 740 (1.73Ghz), 1G total RAM, 40G HD, CDRW/DVDROM, 802.11b/g and Bluetooth built-in, and a 14.1″ 1024×768 screen (I don’t need anything bigger or higher-resolution for VPNing from home).

So far, I’m *really* happy with it, and it feels more solid (and is, of course, faster) than the old Thinkpad. I’ll probably end up finding another 256M of RAM for the A20P and put Linux on it.