Apple Mighty Mouse repair a success

Despite what AppleMatters and Ars Technica tell you, it is possible to completely dissasemble the Apple Mighty Mouse without breaking the retaining ring.

All I had to do was slip a razor blade between it and the body of the mouse to cut the glue. I was then able to pop the top of the mouse off the hinges on the bottom, unscrew the “scroll ball” assembly, pop off its top cover, and clean the rollers. I’ll have to glue the retaining ring back on with a couple dots of superglue, but the mouse works fine without it right now.

Update: Four drops of superglue, and everything’s back together and working perfectly. I’ve also crossposted this over at MacHELP.

Note: I took my Mighty Mouse apart after all the other cleaning methods had failed. I tried all kinds of cleaners, scrubbing the ball, etc, and it had gotten to the point to where taking it apart to clean the ball rollers was the only option.

15 thoughts on “Apple Mighty Mouse repair a success

  1. Nice, but not so praticle. I just use the mighty mouse, but after one Month I cannot scroll down anymore. I brought it back to apple and after six weeks they return it to me. It worked again, but only for one week.
    They told me to clean it with alcohol, but it doesn’t work.

    For a this price I was expecting quality and that you can easy solve the problems, but not that I have to cut the clue and fix it.

    My Mini mouse from 7 euro works already for more then 2 years without problems

  2. I had the scroll down problem too (and it’s just started again on my SECOND mighty mouse). Strange it’s always down.

    Anyway, compressed air also seems to work for cleaning the scroll ball.

    What’s starting to annoy me now is that it’s started having a real (rather than speaker) click.

  3. I’ve had mine for a few months now and just today it stopped scrolling up (So it isn’t always a problem with scrolling down as JulesLT suggested).

    I had tried scrolling it around at various angles and wiping it off and shaking it but nothing was fixing it.

    What I finally did to fix it was hold it upside down over my open hand and roll the scroll ball as fast as I could. That worked.

  4. I was able to fix the scrolling problem by turning my mighty mouse upside down and rolling it against my mouse pad for a miute or so…

  5. Ah! Finally got my mouse fixed with a combination of all this advice so thanks folks!

    Turned upside down and rolled the scrollbar about on my finger, with some trusty saliva to loosen up the dirt – worked a charm!

  6. This was the first page that I found when I searched for how to fix a Mighty Mouse (my scroll down had just stopped working). The tech note linked by David suggested cleaning with a lint free cloth, but I just used a piece of damp paper towel. It fixed the problem in a couple of seconds.

  7. Spit on Scroll ball
    turned upside down
    rolled it over the mouse pad vigorously

    Now it works.
    Sounds like new too!

  8. Spit on Scroll ball
    turned upside down
    rolled it over the mouse pad vigorously…
    I did everything….

    Only thing that worked was opening it up…and really taking the dirt out!!!
    I suggest that…
    Good luck

  9. i use cotton tiges with alcohol.
    i rool the ball with the tige and giv a little resistance with a finger nail

  10. ….btw

    use a little more alcohol that the cotton at the end of the tige becomes real wet.

    alcohol work so fine because it is able to solve fat.

    i use normal isopropanol alcohol 97% alc. 3% water.

    don’t use that medical one with less alcohol.

  11. instead of rolling over the ball u should move the tige over the balland more and more dirt will come out .

    so u gotta experiment a litle and u ‘ll find out what to do.

  12. Certainly a dimwit design feature that you can’t clean the trackball itsef- but here’s the go…. Get a cotton hanky, apply a big splash of methylated spirits (or whatever alcohol) and give it a good rub, wriggle, scroll around. Don’t be shy to splash it on. Makes it like new.

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