liquor sales hours

It sucks when it’s 9:47pm, you need Jack Daniels to make a proper pecan pie, and all the liquor stores closed 47 minutes ago.

2 thoughts on “liquor sales hours

  1. (Red|Blue) state has nothing to do with it. Texas is the only state where liquor rules are made at the state, county, *and* local levels. Thus you can have a “wet” town in a “dry” county and vice-versa.

    At that it’s not as bad as Virginia where you can get beer and wine at the supermarket but have to go to the state liquor store to get distilled spirits. The selection tends to be pretty meager. (Not like Spec’s in Houston or Applejack in Wheatridge, Colorado.) And you can’t go over to Maryland or DC to stock up ’cause Virginia has a one gallon import limit on spiritous beverages.

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