5 thoughts on “A secret shame..

  1. I pine for you. But hey, now that you have that off your chest you have your whole life ahead of you, free from shame and regret.

    btw, how are those electronics and soldering experiments coming? I enjoyed reading those.

  2. Hey, don’t feel bad, when I wanted a houston oilers jacket as a child my mom bought me a miami dolphins one instead. We lived in houston back then (still do) and I never rooted for the dolphins, so I guess she just figured they were all the same. I got a lot of crap for wearing it too.

    Man, I loved that jacket….

  3. I’m still doing the electronics and soldering stuff, just have slowed down and am actually using the machines I built (have been having a lot of fun with the Replica-1).

  4. first i must say, raiders rule!!

    what’s wrong with wearing that jacket as a kid? i wore a raiders jacket most of my adult life. i stopped 1) because it had leather sleeves and 2) because i got tired of security people in airports telling me i could get killed for wearing it outside of california! =)

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