Review: Russian Bear Restaraunt and Bar

Amy and I are always on the lookout for good Russian food, and tonight we tried dinner at the Russian Bear Restaraunt and Bar. We got there about fifteen minutes after they opened, and got to watch them prepping the A/V system for the dance show later tonight.

For appetizers, we had their salmon caviar bliny and the cold meat platter. Both were excellent; the bliny were perfectly pan-fried and the caviar (and sour cream) was very fresh. The cold meat platter was flavorful and well cooked.

For entrees, I had pelmeni, while Amy tried out their stroganoff. The pelmeni definitely beat out the ones I had in Austin – these were definitely hand-made (not frozen) and came with plenty of sour cream and seasonings. Amy’s stroganoff, while not quite as good as the stuff she makes here at home, was well worth the asking price (and so large that there were still leftovers after BOTH of us had eaten some of it).

We enjoyed it, and will definitely be going back next weekend to have a good dinner (and watch the dancers this time). I think next time I’ll try the borscht.