The rednecks win, unfortunately.

“Voters tied the knot Tuesday with a constitutional amendment cementing marriage in Texas as being solely between a man and a woman and barring communities from legalizing same-sex unions.”

I’d thought that the state I lived in wasn’t as backwards as its reputation. Apparently there are enough closed-minded people still left to prove me wrong. “Oh no, the queers will rise up and kill us all, better vote against it!”

What’s wrong with letting someone marry who they want? What harm does it do to anyone else? Don’t our legislators have better things to worry about than what goes on between two consenting adults that want to spend their lives together?

Update: At least it’s not Kansas, where they no longer believe in the theory of evolution.

3 thoughts on “The rednecks win, unfortunately.

  1. See, don’t phrase it like that. One shouldn’t “believe” in theories. One should examine them critically and accept or reject them.

  2. Yeah, this prop had a snowball’s chance in hell of passing. This is ‘Bush Country’, after all.

    My stance on it is to let Gays be able to screw up their lives the same way everyone else can.

  3. rednecks eh? Well I guess any invective which makes you feel better.

    Redefining words has nothing whatsoever to do with freedom in any way shape or form, except perhaps in your mind.

    I don’t think I have heard any opponents of ‘redefining marriage’ say they don’t want gay couples to have the same rights as everyone else. The problem is marriage is not solely a legal term.

    And no, I am not from Texas.

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