It’s been rough

It’s been a rough and busy couple of weeks. We had a houseguest for a few days, then I got sick again, and while being sick, pulled a rib/chest muscle while coughing. Not fun at all.

On the good front, the kitchen in the Austin house should be complete this week thanks to a good friend. After that it only lacks carpet, tile, and a good cleaning, and we’ll be ready to be rid of the place and get rid of our last ties to the town.

Other than that, I’ve been busy at work, and thinking about how I want to replace our current (crappy) home security system with something I build myself out of X10 gear. Anybody got a box of X10 stuff in a closet they want to get rid of?

Networked TiVo Goodness

The 40G hard drive in our ancient Hughes HDVR2 DirecTiVo S2 unit finally died a couple of days ago, and wouldn’t finish (after more than 24 hours) the “CLear and Delete Everything” stage. So, I decided to take the plunge.

– 120G Maxtor ATA100 (8M cache) HD from CompUSA
– Linksys USB200M (v1.1) USB to 10/100baseT Ethernet adapter from CompUSA
InstantCake and PTVnet installer CDs from PTVUpgrade
– 25 feet of Ethernet cable from Radio Shack
TiVoTool software on my Macintosh

After everything was properly mixed, baked, and served, I now have a 109-hour DirecTiVo Series 2 running the 6.2 software, connected to the network with telnet, FTP, and TiVoWebPlus enabled. Once a show is recorded, I can extract it to a DivX or MPEG file on my Macintosh with a single click and then watch it or save it to DVD.

Total cost: about $225. I should have done this ages ago.