power outages

6am saturday: power goes out for 15 seconds

9am saturday: just heard a loud BOOM down the street as a transformer blew, I’m about to shut everything down as we’re running on UPSes.

2 thoughts on “power outages

  1. You’re lucky in a way. Last winter, a transformer on a pole “exploded” in a shower of sparks during an ice storm. As I ran downstairs in the dark, I heard my several year old UPS die about 10 seconds after it kicked in.

    That’s why I have a far better UPS now. And I made damn sure I don’t have any monitors or printers plugged into it this time.

  2. I’ve got a 1Kw unit (with only one LED on its load meter lit) handling both computers and all the network gear in the main office. The music room has a 450W SMART-UPS and a 350W BACK-UPS for my main server and my Windows machine. The bedroom has a pair of 450W BACK-UPSen, one for the TV and TiVo, and the other for my CPAP machine.

    I think we’re going to buy a generator for ourselves for Christmas.

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