Wrapping up the week

A Friday wrapup:

– I gave an hour of training on our LDAP setup to the other sysadmins and team leads at work today. It was well-received, and I’ll probably do a followup in a week or two after I get some more utilities written for them to use.

– Brought home the right serial cable and got the E450 tested and ready. Its new owner will (hopefully) be picking it up on the 25th.

– The Icom 2100H 2-meter ham radio works great too; I finally got it setup for a local repeater and got “Nice sounding radio!” from a couple of other hams. Not bad for a mag-mount portable antenna sitting on top of my desk. I need a big heavy piece of something magnetic to mount it on though. I wonder if I got rid of those 2.5lb plate weights when we moved, because one of those (made from powdered iron) would be perfect.

– I finally started building the Southern Cross single-board computer. I’m taking it easy and slow – it’s an $80 kit that I don’t want to mess up because I’m in a hurry. After this, my next project will be building a Replica-1 clone of the Apple I. I’m going to use one of these as the display, and a keyboard similar to this. Then, once its tested and working, a small ATX power supply and some sort of custom wood case, plus some elbow grease, will result in a PORTABLE APPLE I CLONE.

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