My kingdom for a serial adapter.

I cleaned out a lot of my spare cables and such when I moved from Austin to Houston.

Unfortunately, it seems I cleaned a little too well. I just finished unpacking an E450 from a pallet in the garage (in preparation for selling it; I don’t have room to keep it and it uses too much electricity). I got everything together (laptop, etc) in order to hook up a serial console so I can run diagnostics and do an initial OS load – and realized that no, I can’t plug a DB25F into a DB25F.

An hour later, after looking through every box of cables and gadgets that I have, I’ve come to to the realization that I don’t have a single DB25 or DB9 gender changer or adapter in the entire house. Apparently I took them all to work when trying to setup a serial console for a machine there a couple of months ago.

Oh well, the diags and OS load will have to wait till tomorrow. I *know* I’ve got the cable I need hanging off the back of my PC on my desk at the office, because I used it to install an Ultra 2 recently.

Yes, I’m too lazy to drive the 2.4 miles to work and get the cable at 10pm.