Amateur Radio update…

On the 30th, I changed my amateur radio license information (the address, since I moved) online with the FCC. On the 31st, the change hit their database, and three days later (on Friday) I received my updated licenses (station license and wallet card) in the mail. That’s what I call fast!

This weekend I picked up a MFJ Enterprises Morse Code Tutor and a cheap telegraph key. I need to talk She Who Does The Bills and Manages The Books into letting me spend $20 on a copy of “Morse Code: Breaking the Barrier” to go along with it. I’ve got a goal of passing the 5wpm Element 1 test towards my General-class license by my birthday on November 5th.

7 thoughts on “Amateur Radio update…

  1. Get the ARRL double-CD set, and once you’ve finished working through those, use the exercises at I listened to the CDs in the truck while commuting then spent a few evenings doing the sample QSOs online and passed my 5wpm test without a hitch.

    Think about learning CW to actually use it, not just to pass Element 1, and you’ll find things much easier. You’ll also start to “hear” the Morse Code everywhere, from Honda’s “….” bell when a door is left ajar (you’ll get the joke soon) to trying to figure out if they’re really using the Morse Code in old war movies.

    Good luck!

  2. Ben – *oh wow*. In fact, if I pass – I’m going to *get* one of those as a birthday present for myself. Optical sensors and chrome. Wow.

  3. Jet – I had the AARL double-CD set once, but lost it in a move. 8-( I’m going to see how the Koch method works out (I know the E1 test uses the Farnsworth method, but we’ll see).

    Thanks for the suggestions – I’ll check out the AA9PW page!

  4. My husband needs to update the address on his amateur ham license. He has had a very experienced ham (over 50 years) try to help him, but it hasn’t “worked.” Can you tell us what to do and how to do it?

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