Things we often overlook…

Throughout all of my recent hobbies and obsessions, I’ve sometimes gotten tunnel vision and failed to thank the most important person in my life – My wife. No matter what crack-brained scheme or idea I come up with, no matter what I bring home and put down on my desk, she’s been supportive. Critical when necessary, but supportive. When I was first learning how to use the soldering iron, she even helped with suggestions and unsoldered a couple of parts for me (as she has experience using a soldering iron to make stained glass).

She’s not really a geek, but she’s learned enough from osmosis to pretend to be one when necessary.

Thanks, Amy.

3 thoughts on “Things we often overlook…

  1. Here here! Without our wives we couldn’t do anything.. its only because they love us enough to tollerate our being consumed by projects that we have the ability to. Being a geek’s wife isn’t an easy job at all.

    You rule Amy!

  2. My wife chided me for not mentioning her in my LJ bio. Now she is a prominent feature.

    She too, while not a geek, has the geek nature.

  3. Amy’s like that too – she’s a geek, just not a *computer* geek. She’s into architecture, crafts, natural disasters (volcanoes, earthquakes, etc)… 🙂

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