A weekend BASIC Stamp project

My project for this weekend was to create a “bouncing LED” display with the BASIC Stamp microcontroller.

After picking up some more 470-ohm resistors and extra red LEDs at EPO on Friday, I got around to it and finished everything in about half an hour today.

Here’s a video (DivX). I wish I had some blue LEDs instead of red, but EPO only had red, yellow, green, and white.

3 thoughts on “A weekend BASIC Stamp project

  1. heh, that as my award winning project in high school electronics back in oohh, nevermind. Anyhow, I used a 555 since we didn’t have basic stamps back then.

  2. Could you help me write some program code for the Basic Stamp??

    Write a program with the following devices:
    An active-High LED on P9 (LED1)
    An Active-High LED on P8 (LED2)
    An active-High PB on P0 (PB1)
    Servo on P13

    Program the controller to loop continuously and perform the following:
    – At run, the LED will be off and the servo will be fully CW.

    – When the PB is pressed, the LED will blink 10 times at a rate of once per second.
    – After the 10 blinks, the servo will move fully CCW and LED2 will turn on.

    – When the button is released the servo will move back to CW immediately and
    both LEDs will be off.

    – Repeat if pressed again.

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