8 thoughts on “CVS camera hack – success!

  1. As far as I know (two of my coworkers went and bought three of them yesterday), but I know a lot of CVS drugstores are either pulling them off the floor or are already sold out.

  2. Bill we took it a step further. Used a mouse DIN connector mounted on the right side of camera (facing). The whole connector actually fits behind the PC card. Hacked up a USB cable and made the interface cable. Less expensive then buy the serial interface cable.

    Why does the device have to be unlocked each time. Is it a permissions issue?

  3. TommyD how did you make the din connector interface, I have an unlimited supply of both cameras digital and camcorder, and need help also I recieve the cameras after they are used up and says recycle can I still use them.

  4. Just wanting to make sure of something… I’ve noticed everyone else’s videos from their cameras have been in the XVID format (and mine as well). However, yours seems to be DivX. Did you change it yourself, or is that the raw file from the camera?

  5. Hey folks.Any word on if forum site coming back up??Looks like ‘big brother’ finally shut it own.It started acting up last night.Wont load pages,takes forever to load etc…Today i am not able to load pages

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