Mesh network completed

I’ve finally finished the WRT54G-based WDS mesh network that I’ll be using as the house VoIP backbone. This also lets me avoid ever having to run Cat5 anywhere in the house; if I need non-wireless access somewhere, I just add another WRT54G.

I’ve got four nodes right now (a v2.0, 2.2, 3.0, and 3.1); I think that provides more than adequate wireless coverage for the entire house (and for a 2-3 house radius in all directions).

The computer room node has two wired clients (my iMac and Amy’s PC), and the music room node has the Mac mini, my Windows PC, and the Dell Linux machine (fileserver and backups). The bedroom node will provide Ethernet for the TiVo and VoIP phone. Kitchen/den node will just provide IP for the VoIP phone for now.

I’ll eventually replace everything but the main (computer room) node with Linksys WTR54G “Travel Routers”, as they’re tiny and less obtrusive than a normal WRT54G. They’re very similar to Apple’s Airport Express unit, just $40 cheaper (and they’ll run the Sveasoft Talisman firmware, like my current boxes).

5 thoughts on “Mesh network completed

  1. Nice! I have a two-node network in my apartment (using WRT54G boxes and Sveasoft firmware), and I love it. What kind of speeds do you get, seeing as there are four wifi routers that need to push all their traffic out to each other?

  2. I have also been playing around with WRT54Gs recently. I assume with the mesh you need to put them all on the same channel? If you have a laptop and carry it around your house, will it be able to switch from one AP to another seamlessly?

  3. I’ve got them all on the same channel (1, since all my neighbors are using 6), and using the same SSID (“bradford”). Excellent coverage all over the house.

  4. I have just subscribed to sveasoft Do you have the directions on how to perform this feat?
    Which version of firmware should I flash,and are there modules needed?

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