It just amazes me

that a $250 TV from Samsung, of all companies, doesn’t come with connection/AV cables of any kind.

This is a really nice unit, though. One good thing about HDTV getting cheaper and cheaper is that SD sets that would have cost $500 or more two or three years ago are now half that price. This TV that we got to replace the 14″ set in the bedroom is nicer than the main television we had five years ago.

I miss the 51″ rear-projection HDTV we had in Austin, but it would have been hell to move and there’s no real place to put it in this house anyway.

One thought on “It just amazes me

  1. I’m sorry to hear you miss your old TV. But not sorry enough to give it back. 🙂 Looking at your house your only real choice will be a large plasma or LCD to hang on the wall.

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